Water Recycling Systems

We are all charged with reducing the effect on the environment by minimising waste in terms of both energy and utilities such as water. Often in manufacturing processes it is possible to recycle waste water prior to discharge.
Often relatively good quality is wasted purely because it is convenient to the process. Also waste water is fouled and cannot be used in its current condition due to the contaminants within the water.
It is possible to treat and then recycle water in some processes. Waste water which has been used for washing fabrics, dishes etc. or machined parts will be contaminated. Typical contaminants are oil, suspended particulates, soap solutions and organic debris. All of these can be removed and render the water suitable for recycling.
The usual method of cleaning the water is to start with either fine filtration or ultrafiltration to remove the suspended solids, oils etc. The resulting filtrate will still contain soluble soaps but this may not be an issue. Secondary treatment could be reverse osmosis or just UV disinfection depending upon the site requirements.
Treatment systems have been applied to industrial dish / tray washing machines, machine shop ultra-sonic cleaning / bath systems, and in the oil industry oil / water separation.

Self-Cleaning Fine Filter - 15,000lph img

Self-Cleaning Fine
Filter – 15,000lph

Tray Washer Ultra Filtration plant – 4,000lph img

Tray Washer Ultra Filtration plant – 4,000lph

Oil Separation Ultra Filtration plant – 200lph img

Oil Separation Ultra Filtration plant – 200lph