Media Filters

Suspended Solids Removal      Iron/Manganese Removal      Activated Carbon


media filters Most waters contain the minerals calcium and magnesium which are commonly known as hardness salts. The use of a water softener removes these hard water minerals replacing them with soft sodium salts. Contaminants within water can be removed by passing the water through a bed of specialised media.


  • Suspended solids are removed by physically filtering the water through the media.


  • Certain other contaminants such as Iron may be removed by use of a specialist media containing a catalyst.  The catalyst initiate’s precipitation of the contaminant, which is then removed by physical filtration.


  • Chlorine and some organically derived material is removed by activated carbon.


As filtration proceeds, the filter bed gradually becomes fouled such that the filter requires backwashing. Flow through the bed is reversed via an automatic multi-port valve, whereby the accumulated debris is discharged to drain. The filter is automatically returned to service when the backwashing is completed.
Filters Datasheet
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