Cartridge Housings

PWEL offer a wide range of filter systems to remove suspended solids from dirty waters.
The type of filter housing and the size of the filter element selected is dependent upon the water flow rate and the particle size of the debris to be removed.

As filtration proceeds, the filter cartridge gradually becomes fouled and will impart an excessive pressure drop across the filter reducing the flow rate. The cartridge filter is isolated from service, vented and the filter element replaced.
We advise that the filter element be changed once the pressure drop across the filter reaches 1bar.
Different cartridge filter housings are available to suit the different conditions – materials of construction are either polypropylene or stainless steel.

  • The 10” and 20” filter housings are suitable for flow rates up to 3m3/hr.
  • The filter one housing is suitable for flow rates up to 60m3/hr.
  • FilterBlue housings may be used as multiples to meet high flows and high solids levels.


10” & 20” filter housing-img1

10” & 20” Filter Housing






Multi-element housing-img2

Multi-element Housing






Filter One Housing-img3

FilterOne Housing


Filter Blue Housing-img4

FilterBlue Housing